A Company 1-82d AVN (ATK)

Commander Notes

Hello to the families of the REDWOLVES. Chris and I hope that everyone's holidays were restful, and enjoyable. It has been a while since the last newsletter, so I will attempt to catch all of you up on the accomplishments of A Company since then. Our deployment to California in support of JTF-6 was a complete success, the level of coordination at all levels, military and federal was very impressive. JTF-6 is a very important mission for this nation.
As everyone prepared for the Christmas holidays, A Company was preparing for Canadian Airborne School, unfortunately it was cancelled at the last minute due to a possible Division level EDRE. We will attempt to re-visit the Canadian Jump School at a future date.
The holidays passed, everyone returned safely and quickly prepared for mission assumption with Task Force Wolfpack

We welcome several Bravo Company "fillers" as we wish CW2 Higgs well as she heads into the hospital for surgery on her foot.

We also wait with anticipation for CW2 Dave Maxson to complete the Kiowa Warrior Instructor Pilots Course and be assigned to Alpha Company. Hurry up Super Dave!!!!

The Brigade and Division ORS has been completed, and now we prepare for the Corps' JTFEX PURPLE DRAGON. The timeline for the battalion's portion of the exercise isn't finalized yet, however, you can expect anywhere from the 25 January through 4 Feb. While on mission cycle, we can expect to receive an EDRE from the Division or Brigade, ranging from a recall exercise to a full "fly away" mission. As the Brigade continues to refine its RSOP practice or actual EDREs are a good thing.

Future events include; Division War Fighter (computer exercise). All American Week is 18-21 MAY. Mission status for Alpha Company after this cycle is still under discussion.


Welcome to the following Soldiers and their families;
W01 "Manny" and Marian Garcia, fresh from Ft.Rucker and the AQC...
SPC Brian Emmerling, a new 67S from D/1-82, welcome to you both.

We sadly farewell the followinq:
SGT Tom Moore, who left us at the beginning of the year to perform duties in the Delta Company QC Shop.
And finally.... I know that everyone joins me in wishing a full recovery and healthy return to the battalion for SPC Hayes who was involved in a tragic traffic accident over the MLK weekend.

Congratulations to CW2 "Jughead" Walker on his recent promotion.
Congratulations to SGT Collier, promoted from Specialist to Sergeant.

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Last update 15 February 1998