A Company 1-82d AVN (ATK)

Commander Notes

Another month has gone by and spring is quickly upon us. It just seems like last week that I assumed command of the Redwolves, but it is actually the one year mark this month.
Since the last newsletter, the Redwolves have participated in several exercises worth mentioning. PURPLE DRAGON, the Corps level exercise conducted on Ft. Bragg saw the battalion deploy to the field for roughly a week. During this exercise the battalion and brigade flexed their muscles and developed a better working relationship with our sister services and improved our fighting capabilities with fellow "82nd " troopers up and down Ardennes Street.
The company then participated in the Division's Warfighter train-up. A select few of us had the privilege of experiencing the graveyard shift at the simulator building on post, fighting the battle as brigade directed us from the field. My hat is off to Monkey
Piso, Hoot, and Super Dave for their terrific support and attitude during this train-up, the good news is there is only one more prior to the real thing!!!!!!!
Since the Warfighter it seems as though we have been traveling at a hundred miles per hour as a company. Airborne operations here, JRTX's there, but we did have the opportunity to do what we do best, conduct an aerial gunnery. The Redwolves enjoyed another full week of somewhat uninterrupted gunnery, qualifying several new guys and trying new crew mixes. Lots of bullets and rockets sent down range with the help of a stellar Armament shop, thanks Woody.
This next month brings us an opportunity to conduct company level operations at an electronic warfare range located at Shaw AFB, South Carolina. Ask questions, offer your thoughts to Ft. Rucker as they visit Ft Bragg. And attend the AAAA Convention in Charlotte if you desire. It seems like a quiet month, but you know how it is in the 82nd.


We are very fortunate to welcome several new "REDWOLVES"

CW2 Mac MacElroy, welcome back from hell man!!..

Joining us from Korea is 1LT Rich Martin, a native of North Carolina, we won't take up too much room in Charlotte Rich.

CW2 Dave Maxson and his wife Angie. We welcome you from B Co. Dave, we just want to get you confused with your call sign on the radio.

Several significant events on the Schools list. 1SG Lewis is in Jumpmaster School, top, rotate one jumper to the right!
Monkey is in AMO School, learning how to cut out very small helicopters and pasting them onto pieces of paper.
CPL Matt McEvers is in the Armorer Course, good luck.

See you next month, Mike and Chris Gray.

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Last update 28 March 1998