Battalion Commander's Corner

Happy New Year Wolfpack ! We hope that all enjoyed the December block leave. We feel blessed to have been able to be home at Fort Bragg and celebrate the holiday season with friends and family. We are looking forward to this new year and all the excitement it will bring for the entire 1st Battalion family.

Missions went extremely well in the last few months of 1997. The JTF-6 rotation in El Centro was quite successful. The Wolfpack was responsible for the seizure of over $37 million of drugs. During the Hellfire aerial gunnery we flew 100 km deep attack missions and fired 49 hellfire missiles, flew 1,100 OH-59D and 71 UH-60 flight hours, and maintainers achieved an 89% OR rate. Great Job !! In December, Bravo company assumed mission with TF Corsair and completed an EDRE during which they were alerted and launched for a mission the next day. Well done B Co !! We also completed a CALFEX with 3-325 Infantry and a C-17 Airborne operation. Congratulations to all Wolfpack members for working so hard to stay on top!! For those who haven't heard, 1-82d was selected as the Outstanding Unit of the Year for the Iron Mike Chapter of the AAAA and is now competing nationally. CW4 Carl Jenkins was selected as the Aviator of the Year and is also competing nationally. Additional congrats to MAJ Gehler for making the Command & General Staff College (CGSC) list and CSM Orden for re-uping for 3 more years !!

As usual, the holiday season was in full swing for all!! The Family Readiness Group (FRG) stayed very busy during this period. We had a bowling party while the active duty members were in California which was a big success. The little Wolfpackers really enjoyed the bumper bowling. Thanksgiving at the dining facility was fantastic! This long-standing Army tradition is great! Our brigade dining facility took 2nd place in their category for the competition. All enjoyed the excellent food and wonderful decorations. The FRG had a fund raiser at the post office in early December. These money makers helped fund our battalion party and goodie bags for the single soldiers. A special thank you to all who helped to keep these activities afloat...baking goodies, turkeys and hams, decorating the battalion and hangar, stuffing goodie bags and everything else we threw at you! ! We could not accomplish any of these activities without your support in the battalion. A special thank you to our FRG leader, Rachel Lockwood; she has been untiring in her devotion to the battalion and we want her to know how very much we appreciate her efforts as well as all who support the WOLFPACK. The best and last part of the month were all the assorted parties, coffees and receptions. It was fun to see all the different decorations and taste all the holiday goodies. . .now we just have to lose those holiday pounds! !

The next few months will be hectic to say the least. We will be working on the Division Warfighter, DIVARTY Deep Atk/SEAD mission, QTB, Air Assault missions, mission assumption, and Purple Dragon all in January. In February, we have the Capstone JRTX, DIV WFX CPX Controller TNG, Div WFX CPX II, JRTC (B Co), gunnery and then we come off of mission. Later in the Spring, B Co redeploys from JRTC in March. In April we have the AAAA Convention in Charlotte (permissive TDY is authorized), the DIV WFX, and the Aviation Brigade Spring Formal (30 Apr). In May we have post clean-up, All-American Week, and Memorial Day before we assume mission again. In June we have the ARMS inspection and aerial gunnery.

We have a full six months ahead of us and we will be giving the Army a lot; don't forget to remember your families and savor the moments you have together.

Airborne !!
David and Vicki Shaffer

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Last update 14 February 1998