B Company 1-82d AVN (ATK)

Commander Notes

Hello once again Whitewolf family members. Bravo Company has been strapped in our seats riding the 82d bullet train.

Well we all survived the deployment to JTF-6 and the Christmas Holidays. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Everyone is back safe and that is what matters. I can't thank your husbands enough for all the hard work they do. They keep this figure head out of trouble.

First in new news Lori & I want to welcome 1SG and Beckie Rosenbaum. 1SG comes to 1-82d from Korea . He and Beckie have two daughters Ashley (8) and Amy (3).

So, what are the future operations of Bravo Company. As you all know by now, Bravo Company was off mission on 15 JAN, but a few of our pilots will have to fill openings in Alpha & Charlie Company for Wolfpack. On or about 26 JAN, we deploy to Purple Dragon (Big Barney). Big Barney ends 4 FEB.

Enjoy the four day weekends in JAN & FEB because on or about 24 FEB, Bravo Company heads south to JRTC. The timeline for JRTC is as follows: 24-26 FEB Deploy, 27 FEB-3 MAR Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise (CALFEX), 4-17 MAR in the box, 18-24 MAR Re-deploy and 27-30 MAR 4-day weekend.

Hello mission! Yes, once again Bravo Company goes on mission cycle with 2-82nd on 10 APR - 29 MAY. During this time we will have a practice Emergency Readiness Deployment Exercise and Division War Fighter (computer exercise). All American Week is 18-21 MAY. Mission status for Bravo Company after 29 MAY is under discussion.
In closing, thanks again for the team effort in Bravo Company. If you come across one of the following people celebrating a birthday or anniversary wish them well.

Happy Birthday to:
Figure Head 5 Feb
CW2 Finlan 11 Feb
CW3(P) Warren 24 Feb
CW3 Musselwhite 4 Mar
CW2 Lusker 7Mar
CW2 Teeden 29 Mar

Happy Anniversary to:
CW2 Lusker and Kathy 23 Dec
CW2 Carter and Avis 5 Jan
Figure Head and Lori 22 Feb

We sadly farewell the following:
We warmly welcome the following:
SPC Finder & Heather. Welcome to B Company. SPC Finder is coming from Delta Company.

Promotions, Awards and Congratulations
* Congratulations to SGT & Mrs. Smith on their marriage, DEC 6,1997. Best Wishes from B Company. Steven
* Congratulations to CPL Werling on his promotion from SPC. Good Job!
* Congratulations to SPC Etheridge on BDE Soldier of the Year. OUTSTANDING !

* And we wait patiently for SPC & Aimee Estaphan and CPL & Jennifer Werling to welcome their newest family members. Hey, enjoy those sleep-filled nights

We'll talk with you more during the next Whitewolf News Release.

Roger and Lori Bodenschatz

Curt and Beckie Rosenbaum

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Last update 16 February 1998