B Company 1-82d AVN (ATK)

Commander Notes

Hello Bravo Company family members. As you all know Bravo Company is fighting the Cortinians at JRTC till 18 MAR in the box, 18-24 MAR Re-deploy and 3-6 Apr 4-day weekend.

Thanks to everyone who supported the carnation sales in February. Special thanks to Tina Elliott and Cheryl Ethridge for selling all the flowers, and to Avis Carter for helping wrap them. A special thanks also goes to everyone that supplied meals to the families with new babies!

The men will be back soon and things will start rolling again. Try to take advantage of the long week-ends coming up. Bravo company hopes to get a group activity going in May. If anyone has any suggestions please call me. Roger and I appreciate all the support and we look forward to getting together soon.

Hello mission!
Yes, once again Bravo Company goes on mission cycle with 2-82nd on 10 APR - 29 MAY. During this time we will have a practice Emergency Readiness Deployment Exercise and Division War Fighter (computer exercise). All American Week is 18-21 MAY. Mission status for Bravo Company after 29 MAY is under discussion.
In closing, thanks again for the team effort in Bravo Company. If you come across one of the following people celebrating a birthday or anniversary wish them well.

Happy Birthday to:
CW3 Musselwhite 4 Mar
CW2 Lusker 7Mar
Cheryl Ethridge 15 Mar
Cathy Lusker 28 Mar
CW2 Teeden 29 Mar
1LT Petty 5 Apr
SPC Finder 20 Apr
SPC Flores 26 Apr
Happy Anniversary to:
SPC and Amei Estaphan 21 Apr

We sadly farewell the following: SSG and Tina Elliott. SSG Elliott is on his way to Land of the morning Kimshee breath on 15 May. SSG Elliott did a outstanding job as Platoon Sergeant and fill in 1SG. SSG Elliott will be missed. Tina and family will remain in the local area. Tina stay in touch, we will.

CW2 and Virginia Roberts. The Roberts are on there way to the land of Weisen Beer. CW2 Roberts "Chuck" thanks for the hard work in Maintenance. You were a huge part of the Whitewolf success.

We warmly welcome the following: * CW2 Amos Wright coming from Land of the morning Kimshee breath. Welcome to B Company.

Promotions, Awards and Congratulations
Congratulations to CW2 Upson on 28 Feb from WO1.
Also Congratulations to CW4 Warren on 1 Mar from CW3.

Army Commendation Medal
SSG Elliott - PCS

Army Achievement Medals: JTF-6
CW2 Roberts
SSG Foote
SGT Smith
CPL Werling
SPC Ethridge
OUTSTANDING effort to all awardees!

We congratulate SPC & Amei Estaphan and CPL & Jennifer Werling on their new bouncing baby boys. We can't wait to help spoil them!!

We'll talk with you more during the next Whitewolf News Release.

Roger and Lori Bodenschatz Curt and Beckie Rosenbaum

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Last update 28 MArch 1998