C Company 1-82d AVN (ATK)

Commander Notes

Greetings, everyone. I hope you enjoyed the Christmas holiday and block leave. Now, that the new year has arrived, it's time to get the ol' train rolling again.

The first week of February will find us in simulated battle on a mission called, Operation Purple Dragon. Following that mission, we will participate in the Division WarFighter Exercise. This is a non-field computer war game but will involve most of our personnel.

Also, Charlie Company has been asked to send two high-speed, stealth fighters to supplement B Company's JRTC Rotation. CW2's Flederbach and Skaar will be gone for most of March. Meanwhile, we will conduct Aerial Gunnery here at Fort Bragg's Range 78 from 23 Feb - 5 Mar. New to our schedule is an ASE/EW Range slated for 9-12 Mar. This will test our steely-eyed flying techniques against modern radar and infrared trackers.

A last few reminders:

We will be on 2-hr DRB recall status from 15 Jan - 27 Feb.

The Brigade Spring Formal is on the 30th of April. Make your reservations early!

Hail and Farewells

Fortunately, the only farewells for this period involve a TDY status.

CW2 Jorgensen was accepted to the OH-58D(I) Armament Course. He will be gone to Fort Eustis until the 13th of Feb. It sure has been quiet around here.

Outstanding Airborne performance has rewarded both of our Platoon Sergeants with ANCOC slots and high promotion list sequence numbers. SSGs Nichols and Reed will be TDY to Fort Rucker until the 25th of Mar.

On the gains scoreboard, we have won the lottery!

CW2 Jason Glenn, his wife, Katherine, and daughter, Hannah, have joined us from Fort Campbell via the IPC. Jason is an Instructor Pilot with plenty of experience. He will surely be an asset to our unit. Schedule me for a checkride !

A new ol' timer in the unit is CW2 "Wild" Bill Rains and family. Bill and Paula arrive to C Company as veterans of the Avn Bde. Formerly known as a RedWolf, Bill then did a hardship tour with D AMC.


* Congratulations are in order for Ray Holguin who was promoted to SGT last month.

*Congratulations are also extended to Dan Dawson, promoted to SPC on 1 Feb 98.

* Additionally, Dan and Christy Dawson were wed during the Christmas holidays. We wish them a lifetime of blessings and joy.

* The former Jo Kirk married Scott King last month. Congratulations to them as they embark on a journey of marital bliss.

**Upcoming Hail and Farewell: on 20 February, at Cactus Jake's. Pass the Salsa

**Finally, the AAAA Convention is coming to Charlotte on 1-4 Apr. Permissive TDY is offered to those who wish to attend. April Fool's notwithstanding !


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Last update 16 February 1998