C Company 1-82d AVN (ATK)

Commander Notes

Heidi Ho neighbors,
we said that we wanted to get the train rolling again after the holidays, but hey, where are the brakes? It seems that the fun just never stops around here.

We've gotten through Operation Purple Dragon and as usual everyone did a great job and gave 100%. Thanks guys. Special thanks to Sgt. Martinez and Sgt. Holguin for their outstanding effort , they did a fantastic job filling in as platoon sergeants.
We were also glad to see the Division War Fighter Exercise get here because most everyone was uncurrent in their computer skills. We're looking forward to the next one, which is just around the corner.
The Battalion just completed a gunnery exercise, which Charlie Co. supported with range tower personnel. We're looking forward to June when it will be our turn to do the shooting. Congrats to Bob Miles, Al Lim, Jason Glenn, Darren Monroe, Bob Jorgensen, and Chris Flederbach for all qualifying on their first attempts.
Currently we're short a couple of aviators that are hangin' out at Ft. Polk, LA. CW2s Skaar and Flederbach are supporting B Co. as they kick some CLF butt . CW2 Hopkins is down there also, living in WWII barracks and eating Jimmy Dean Sandwiches. He's supporting the Division HQ as an airspace LNO.

Hail and Farewells

One of the things that we don't like to do is say good bye, unfortunately, that time has come again. In the next few months the company will loose some outstanding folks.

CW3 Gaston and his wife Susanne have received orders for Ft. Rucker. Mark will be taking his IP skills there to produce new Kiowa Warrior pilots.
1SG Brunnet has served his country well and will be retiring soon. Everyone in the Battalion will sorely miss him and his wife Connie.
SFC Reed will be returning soon from ANCOC and will be joining D Co. He's been with the company only a short while but his presence will be missed by one and all.
Sgt Martinez and SPC Coley have decided that the time has come to look for opportunities elsewhere. They both have done an outstanding job. We wish them much success in the future.

We have one hail we would like to make this issue and that's to Linda Woltz and her husband John. Linda isn't a new face to Charlie Co., she was with us last year for a few weeks until she got the good news that a new aviator was on the way. She had been working up at the head shed until that new aviator made his turn for the final approach. Young Wilhelm Woltz did a three-point landing that made his mother and father proud. He came in with a ramp weight of 9+ lbs.
Congratulations Linda and John.


All good things must come to an end and so it is with the tranquil atmosphere that we have enjoyed for the last few months, Bob Jorgensen is back.

Bob has been at Ft. Eustis, VA. attending the Aviation Armament Maintenance Technicians Course. As usual, Bob made his presence known as only he can. He made sure that all his classmates knew he was there by graduating as the Distinguished Honor Graduate for class 501-98. Way to go Bob, glad you're back.

SFC Nichols, it's ok to confuse him with SSG Nichols-- they're one in the same as of 1 March. Anyway, we expect him back from ANCOC on March 16th. "Vacation time is over, time to go to work."

Wedding bells just keep ringing around here. The last are for SPC Coley and his bride Tomalya. We wish them the best of luck.

*Don't forget the Aviation Bde Ball on the 30th of April.
*There is a hail and farewell on the 24th of April. More details will be available at a later date.
*Finally, the AAAA Convention is coming to Charlotte on 1-4 Apr. Permissive TDY is offered to those who wish to attend. April Fool's notwithstanding!


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Last update 28 March 1998