D Company 1-82d AVN (ATK)


Commander Notes


The holidays are over and its business as usual. We are approaching the tail end of one of the most stressful stretches of time that this company has experienced in a long while. Take a look at what you've accomplished over the past year, and use that as a measuring stick for success in the future. Collectively, you can all feel good about your "report cards".

The deployment to El Centro, California for a JTF-6 rotation was a huge success. The Battalion logged over 1100 flight hours in about three weeks in support of HELLFIRE gunnery and counterdrug missions. The Battalion successfully fired all three line companies and supported the law enforcement agencies resulting in seizure of large amounts of illegal drugs. This would never have been possible without an extraordinary coordinated effort from D Company. Not only did we sustain this enormous operation, but also our readiness rates stayed high after returning to Fort Bragg. This shows not only high rates of production, but quality work as well. You all should be proud of yourselves.

Our focus now shifts to Purple Dragon later this month, followed by aerial gunnery and a rotation to JRTC with B Company and Corsair. Then the train should slow down a little bit until the summer. So keep up the good work and relax when you get the chance.


A hardy welcome to the following new Timberwolves and their families:

SGT Thomas Moore has moved into the Quality Control Shop as a Technical Inspector. He is moving up in the world, coming from A Company.

SPC Michael and Denys Touchet also have joined us from A Company and are assigned to Maintenance Platoon.

SPC Robert Mears and PFC Christopher Watkins have moved out of the D(AMC) and into the severely shorthanded Armament Shop.

Welcome to you all.


Welcome back to SSG Darrell and Lisa Rowland, who are returning to D Company after serving their debt to society in the Brigade Operations Cell.

Unfortunately, SSG Rowland needed to be replaced, so we say goodbye to SSG Bruce and Petra Arrighi. We know that you will make us proud.


D Company sadly says goodbye to the following members of our family.

SFC Roy Fulton has retired after 20 faithful years serving Uncle Sam. He plans to return to California and either fix airplanes or become a professional stuntman

SPC Emmerling has moved into A Company as a crew chief and SPC Finder has done the same, but to B Company. Congratulations on your new assignments, and don't forget where it all started.

SPC Denep and Christina Garcia are departing in February for a tour in Germany. Good luck to you and we'll see you in about three years.


Congratulations to the newly promoted members of D Company.

SGT David Stirnaman

SGT Billy Kirkpatrick

SPC Michael Green

SPC Scott Bone

SPC Eric Leuthauser

SPC Jamie Voisine

SPC Chad Beach

PFC Greg Pochowski

PFC Brandon Lee

PFC Todd Harvison.

Thanks for jobs well done, and keep up the good work.

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Last update 16 February 1998