D Company 1-82d AVN (ATK)


Commander Notes

More than likely, this is the last opportunity to address the soldiers and families of Delta Company in this newsletter. It's been over a year and a half, and the Army claims to need me elsewhere. I would like to take this chance to thank each and every one of you for making this command a truly great experience.

Delta Company is a great organization. The mission requires a great deal of sacrifice on the part of all members, to include their spouses and children. I have asked time and again for the finest efforts in order to support the Battalion, and without fail, you have answered that call.

Take pride in knowing that we have never once dropped the ball in over one and a half years of tremendous operations tempo. It is important for an organization to assess itself and grow in positive directions. If you look back eighteen months, I am confident that you will recognize a vast improvement. I hope that this will continue to be true forever into the future.

As I relinquish the guidon to CPT Hyder, you have your work cut out for you: a FORSCOM ARMS, summer aerial gunnery, and another JTF-6 deployment. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot about DRB. I can hear you groaning, but if you think about it, this is operations normal. You've done this all before, and with great success.

Petra and I are heading to NTC. I know that this has been my only opportunity to command a company. I feel blessed that it was with such fine soldiers. AIRBORNE!


A hardy welcome to the following new Timberwolves and their families:

Maintenance Platoon
PFC Marianne Lopez and PV2 Jason Watson both come to us as airborne volunteers, and will shortly hit Fort Benning for a three week vacation.

Shops Platoon
Finally, we have a platoon leader in WO1 Steve Campbell. He and his wife Melissa join us after all the schooling it takes to become a warrant officer. Don't let the WO1 rank fool you-he was an SFC not too long ago.
SPC Mears and PFC Watkins have moved up in the world and joined us from D(AMC) to bolster the ever shorthanded Armament Shop.

Headquarters Platoon
SPC Fred Kilpatrick joins us from the dregs of HHC. A Tech Supply specialist, he will be handling unit supply for the company.
PV2 George Cook and his wife Amanda also are new members of the Timberwolf Family. George is assigned to Tech Supply.


Happily, we have no farewells other than CPT Jim and Petra Cutting.
That is such a novelty that it deserves mention in this newsletter.


SPC Charles Johnson of Maintenance Platoon earned a well deserved promotion.


Congratulations to these newly married couples of D Company.

SPC Zackery and Leslie Southwick-13 December 1997

SPC Charles and Bria Johnson-28 January 1998

SPC Jason and Jamie Dickerson-- 26 February 1998


Congratulations to SSG Kevin and Stephanie Soule who successfully recruited a new baby Timberwolf. Killian Alexander Soule was born on 23 January 1998.

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