HHC 1-82d AVN (ATK)

Commander Notes

Welcome back, everyone. I hope your holiday season was as joyous as ours was. We can all be thankful that everyone returned safely from their iourneys during block leave. The paratroopers and families of the Wolfpack were in need of this chance for some relaxation after the hectic schedule of 1997. I appreciate all of your efforts and contributions during the last six months; I feel that we have made progress. We are ready to respond to any need, accomplish any mission, and return safely. We will assume mission later this month, and must be up to the challenge. So, hold on, here we go again! The schedule for 1998 does not appear to be as busy as last year's, however. This is good news for families and spouses who need to get re-acquainted with their soldiers. I encourage anyone in need of a helping hand or just a word of encouragement to seek that help through myself or anyone in the chain-of-command team as well as Chaplain Kevin Leideritz and don't forget the Family Support Group. If you have a problem, please bring it to my attention. I may not know how to solve it, but I won't rest until I've found someone who can. I have had the privilege to command HHC now for nearly 6 months. We have deployed a couple of times and we have shared some good times along with some tough spots. The 82d ABN DIV is a challenge physically, emotionally and spiritually. We have risen to that challenge as a unit/family and soldiers alike. I am proud to work with the soldiers and families of HHC; you have earned my respect during the last six months, and I look forward to 1998. On behalf of all of the Ironwolves, Sonya and I extend a special thanks to the Orden family for their gracious holiday reception. Thank you.

Jim and Sonya

We sadly farewell the following;

SFC Carpenter left with orders to Ft. Polk, LA.
SGT Linton - Korea
1 LT Green - down the street to 31 3th MI.
MSG Smith - 229th AVN REGT, Ft. Bragg.
SPC Lee- ETSing.
SPC Marrero - ETSing.
SPC Xiong - ETSing.
SSG (Drill Sergeant) Adams - Ft. Jackson, SC.
SSG Williams - D(AMC).

We warmly welcome the following:

1LT Ballenger - coming to us from Korea, he is the Assistant S-4. CPT Cherot - coming to us form the Aviation Officers Advanced Course at Ft. Rucker, he is Assistant S-3.
SPC Rosado - he is a communications specialist who arrived here following AIT and ABN school. He is currently moving his family here from Puerto Rico.
PV2 Pettigrew - arrived the day before Thanksgiving, a 92A assigned to the Motorpool.
PFC Rowe - coming to us from AIT and ABN school, PFC Rowe works in Flight Operations.
SFC Andrade - A recent arrival, SFC Andrade has spent a number of years in DISCOM. He fills the vacancy left by MSG Smith's departure.
CW2 MacElroy - Mac came from his job as a line company pilot to become the battalion S-2.

SFC Deklein
SPC Hayes
SPC Roth
PFC Vargas

Outstanding Achievements

SPC Roth - Trooper of the Month (OCT)
PFC Schleyer - Trooper of the Month (DEC)
SSG Adams - Drill Sergeant School

Combat Lifesaver Course:
PFC Beavers SPC Roth
PFC Sawyers PFC Manley
PFC Schleyer SPC Hayes
PFC Montgomery CPT Corrigan
Chaplain (CPT) Leideritz

CPT White selected for medical residency.

AWARDS PFC Alvarez was awarded a Battalion Coin for his efforts at JTF-6.

SSG Campbell
CSM Orden

The following new "Paratroopers" joined the Ironwolf family since the last newsletter:

The Derouins welcomed the arrival of a handsome baby boy. Ryan Adam.

The Alexanders welcomed a handsome baby boy, Mikel Dechan.

The Woltz family also welcomed a handsome baby boy, Wilhelm Lee.

The Crow family welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Bethany.

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Last update 15 February 1998